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ALPS Process

Advanced_Learning_Process_for_All_Scholars Card IconAdvanced Learning Process for All ScholarsTop of Page

Imagination and creativity envision a pathway yet to be discovered; motivation and inspiration yearn to open the pathway’s door; knowledge and experience realize how to use the key.” -- Anonymous
When children are challenged in creative and academically-motivating ways, they accomplish and achieve more. The Advanced Learning Process for all Scholars (ALPS) at West Creek Academy provides an opportunity for students to receive academic challenges. Students engage in intellectual pursuits beyond the "ceiling" set by traditional classroom curriculum.
ALPS fosters academic achievement and development of scholarly behavior in numerous ways:
  • Encouraging students to challenge themselves
  • Promoting scholarly traits
  • Providing engaging learning opportunities in pursuit of academic triumphs
  • Supporting students during studies within individualized areas of interest
  • Inspiring intellectual growth by employing higher-level thinking skills
  • Implementing lessons that are relevant, rigorous, and respectful
  • Creating student products that reflect individual abilities and talents

Expectations Card IconExpectationsTop of Page

  • Students meet and exceed district and state standards.
  • Students approach daily work with scholarly behavior.
  • Students utilize the Dimensions of Depth and Complexity* to enhance understanding of core curriculum.
  • Students learn to apply Content Imperatives* in their daily work.
  • Students complete required research projects, both at home and in school.
  • Parents support and assist their child(ren) in accomplishing the academic challenges.
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